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The top priority is to breed with healthy, strong-moving mares with proven pedigree; this is the only way to get the young horses you want. Here we would like to introduce you to some of our mares that we are currently using in breeding.

Elite mare Donna Leon by Douceur - honorary gift

Donna Leon was successful in sport up to Grand Prix before she was used in breeding. So far she has brought us a very active offspring from Floriscount as well as a really great mare from our own stallion Ferrantino.

Clementinchen by Christ - Rotspon

Clementinchen was broken in and then used in breeding.  She has three excellent basic gaits and a great interior that she passes on everything to her offspring. She has already given us some very strong young dressage horses for example the Hanoverian champion 2023 of the 4yo stallions and 4th in the finals in Warendorf.

Fire in Heaven by Floriscount - Quaterback - De Niro

Another very strong moving mare from a successful line that has already brought us outstanding young horses.

Donna Scura by De Niro - Lacantus

The precious blood of De Niro! A very impressive mare with three very good basic gaits, which regularly gives us great young horses!

Finn Roses by Floriscount - Diamond Hit - Rubinstein

Very strong moving Floriscount daughter from the best dam line! Full brother Florisburg was a premium stallion in Westphalia.