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Many breeders and owners of high quality sporthorses sometimes do not want an unrestricted publication of their horses for sale in the internet due to very personal but comprehensible reasons. Therefore they do request a certain degree of confidentiality. Until now we were able to showcase these horses individually to special customers, on request or on search assigments only.

As of the need and the significant demand we started the "Restricted Area" to present you a collection of dressage horses, hunter and jumper for sale which are not disclosed publicly in the net but are for sale privately.

The horses listed in the restricted area do have an exceptional and outstanding quality and therefore are solely located in the higher price ranges. Please do understand that we are bound by owner instruction and are able to honour eligible access applications only!

If you are aware of this and want to obtain the entry password please send us an Email and explain your your eligibility (f.e. what you are looking for) or contact us through the contact form.

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